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Dickies Beach 255 by jaydoncabe Dickies Beach 255 by jaydoncabe
The SS 'Dicky' was a coastal trader that operated in and around Australia from at least 1887 until its loss in 1893.

The loss of S.S. 'Dicky' was deemed to be the result of a combination of bad weather and poor judgement. The vessel left Rockhampton on the 1st of February 1893 bound for Brisbane. The vessel struck heavy weather after crossing the Wide Bay Bar and could not turn back (Cosmos Archaeology 2008:15). On the 3rd of February the engineer reported the water rising too high in the stoke hold due to rough seas, and the vessel anchored in Laguna Bay (Noosa) to clear the stoke hold. On the 4th of February the vessel was underway again. After the 'Dicky' had passed Noosa Heads, the captain decided to sail leeward and not to course due to the weather which obscured his vision. When Caloundra Heads was sighted the vessel was put to the wind; however it still continued to go badly leeward, and was driven ashore at Caloundra Head (Brisbane Courier 14/02/1893:3; Marine Board 29/03/1893). The Marine Board (29/03/1893) found the captain at fault for the wrecking of the 'Dicky' for his negligent navigation and for crossing the Wide Bay Bar despite the threatening weather and heavy seas which forced the vessel to anchor in Laguna Bay.

A number of attempts were made to refloat the 'Dicky'. At least twice the vessel was refloated, only to rebeach itself. Eventually the wreck of the 'Dicky', including the engines, steam winch, sails, spars, gear, boats and anchors, was sold at auction on the 6th of June 1893 (Brisbane Courier 06/06/1893:8). The engines, steam winch, sails, spars, gear, boats and anchors were salvaged but the iron hull of the wreck was left on the beach due the low price of iron at the time.

The S.S. 'Dicky' quickly became a local attraction and has remained partially on the beach since the wrecking of the vessel. By the 1960's, the upper deck levels had collapsed and the rusting hull (including ribs and plating) were the predominate feature (Queensland Museum File 893/9), prompting some calls that it was safety hazard and should be removed or relocated (Brisbane Courier 1989). It remains visible on the beach today.
Izzie-Kikue Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2013   General Artist
With that column reaching toward the sky like that, it gives the illusion of the sky being supported by it. This is a great shot.
jaydoncabe Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2013  Professional Photographer
oh yeah it does  thanks loads
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